Cara Download Video Facebook Look back^^

Facebook celebrates 10 years with Look back. The company thanks its 1.23 billion members with a product that celebrates their social-networking past. Noticed many of your friends posting all their memories in Facebook wall and be honest, it is cute right? unless the one posted on your video has a very bad memories.

cun Osem sesangat Video Look Back aq nie..huhu

cara nak download video nie :

1. Perlu guna google chrome..
2. Go to and copy the code
3. Go to Press Ctrl+Shift-J (that will open a bar at the bottom of the screen).

4. Click Console Next to the blue arrow,
5. paste the code in step 2 (Ctrl+V)
6. Hit Enter
7.  A link will pop-up, Click “Here”
7. Complete... ^^

**Selamat Mencuba...^^

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